Mohamed Helmy

Mohamed one of the best tax consultants in Egypt.

Mohamed has a wide experience up to 31 years of Tax consultancy since 1983 and formerly among the branches of the IRS various taxes and corporate taxes, investment tax, professions, stamp taxes and anti-tax evasion

Mohamed is listed in the register of Accountants and Auditors in Ministry of Finance

And he is an expert account at Economic courts in Egypt

He also a member of the follows:

Member of Committees tax appeal.

member of the CAA for the control of joint-stock companies

Agent creditors and refinery judicial courts Egyptian economic

Mohamed Helmy is managing partner and founder of Helmy for Audit & Tax Consultant it’s a different entity of Helmy Law Firm, However there is a partnership between both to cooperate to provide a combined services of legal consultant and tax consultant.

Based on the partnership between Helmy Law Firm and Mohamed Helmy for audit & tax consultant, Our firm provide an Ultimate Service in taxation combine between legally and accounting point.